Accommodation in Trenčín

  VŠM in Trenčín provides an accommodation for students at dormitories. These are located in the same building as the school classrooms, at Bezručová 64, Trenčín. The capacity of the dorms is 84 places. One dorm’s flat consists of two rooms (2+2 students) with a small kitchen and a bathroom. Two students are accommodated in one room, thus 4 students live together in one dorm’s flat. Visits are allowed only up to 10 pm.

Students need to bring their own bad sheets (international students are provided with them), and also the kitchen equipment (glasses, cutlery, plates). Students are further responsible for keeping their rooms clean. Cleaning facilities (vacuum cleaner, iron) are available at the reception. A washing machine is also available for students in the dorms.
The reception is open 24 hours and students are required to enter to the dorms only with the accommodation card. Student can pick up their mails here or leave messages for other students at the reception. Any broken or not working facilities or equipment should be announced at the reception, too, as well as any fire or any other accident.
It is strongly prohibited to smoke in the building. This is prohibited also by a Slovak law § 7, 377/2004 of the Collection of laws of Slovak republic, as well as alcohol or drugs.

The dorms are assigned to students based on the written application mailed to VSM together with the application form for studying. The capacity of the dorms is restricted to 84 places the main criteria for assigning the dorms will be a distance from the permanent address of the student. New students’ applications for dorms will be processed first. For the continuing students, the other criteria for assigning an accommodation are also the received grades from the past period.
Students can be accommodated one day prior the term beginning, and are required to leave dorms one day after the end of the term.

The accommodation fee for international students is 235 € per term (10 weeks). This fee includes also a bed sheets and basic kitchen facilities. In case, international students want to stay at dormitories after the end of the term, a fee for the accommodation is 5, 00 € per each extra day. Students, who want to stay at the dormitories after the end of the term have to write an official request to the management of the school. The fee for the extra days has to be paid in advance.
The accommodation fee for the upcoming term has to be paid before the registrations. 100% of the fee can be return only up to 48 hours from the beginning of the accommodation date.
The school does not provide a canteen for the students, but there are 2 restaurants close to the school. Further, there are also several food stores near the school such as COOP, Lidl, or Kaufland.

For more information contact Mr. Lukas Fryvaldsky, Mob.: 00421 903 228 550, or 

Dormitory application download here

Accommodation in Bratislava

VŠM in Bratislava does not provide any accomodation for students.

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Vysoká škola manažmentu v Trenčíne, Bezručova 64, 911 01 Trenčín / Panónska cesta 17, 851 04 Bratislava