Winter 2014 / 2015 BSBA/Bc. (ENG) Online Schedule

Official start of the trimester 7th of January, 2015.

The syllabi for CityU courses will be posted on the Black Board at the beginning of trimester.
The syllabi for VŠM courses will be posted on the Moodle at the beginning of trimester.
Please, visit to view the list of needed literature, including fees.
This schedule is subject to change. Please check its final version before and after the registration period.
Subject Subject Name / Note / Prerquisites Teacher Email Note Limits
BC 302 Business Communication Filkaszová   30
BC 306 Ethics and Leadership Ford No textbook fee 30
BSC 203v Introduction to Slovak Labor Code / in Slovak Blahová CANCELLED
BSC 401 Interpretation of Financial Statements Bernadič   30
BSM 495 Business Strategy (Last term of studies) Winbladh Capsim 30
COM 452 The craft of the interview Johnson   15
EC 400 Fundamentals of Electronic Commerce Hvorecký   30
ESP 101s Spanish Sánchez No textbook fee 15
HR 405 Strategic Management of Human Resources Šimúth   30
INT 302 International Economics Winbladh   30
MG 210v Introduction to Slovak Business Law / in Slovak Blahová   30
MK 388 Global Marketing (Prerequisite: MK 300) Tajtáková   30
MK 390 Advertising and Sales Promotion (Prerequisite: MK 300) Žáry   30
PSY 201 Introduction to Psychology Šimúth   30
SSC 221 Introduction to Macroeconomics Piovarči   30
State Exam Seminars BSM 493A Senior seminar A / Dual programs-
BSM 493B Senior seminar B / Dual programs
BSM 494 State exam seminar / Dual programs