BSBA/Bc. (ENG) Online Schedule - Fall 2013/2014
The official beginning of the Fall 2013/2014 term is scheduled for October 1, 2013.
This schedule is subject to change. Please check its final form before the registration period.
Course # Course name Instructor Contact Notes
AC 215 Fundamentals of Accounting Kročitá  
BC 303 Statistics Schmidtova  
BC 306 Business Ethics Suthe  
BSC 203S Introduction to Slovak Labor Code Grell  
BSC 400 Decision Modeling and Analysis Schmidtova  
BSC 402 Financing Organizations  Matovčíkova  
BSC 403 Legal Issues at the Workplace Martišková  
BSM 404 International Business Walter  
CO 210 Oral communications for managers Kern  
INT 302 International Economics Krocity  
INT 304 International Law Martišková cancelled
INT 305 Overview of the European Union Suthe  
IS 360 Database Management Česalová  
MG 210S Introduction to Slovak Business Law Grell  
MTH 110 Introduction to Statistics Kročitá  
MATH 138 Algebra  Schmidtova  
SSC 300 Comparative European Politics  Walter  
State Exam Seminars (Dual Program)
Course #   Teacher Contact Notes
BSM 493A       Senior Seminar A
BSM 493B       Senior Seminar B
BSM 494V       State Exam Seminar
Štátnicové Semináre
Predmet   Vyučujúci Email Poznámka
BSM 493A       Diplomový seminár A
BSM 493B       Diplomový seminár B
BSM 494V       Štátnicový seminár