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PhD. in Business Management

Program Details

The School of Management’s (VSM) Doctor of Business Management (PhD.) is designed for scholars and professionals to develop advanced skills and do research in organization interventional thinking, agile business practices, leadership, and critical thinking, while developing specialized business knowledge in the area of their choice. In the academic year of 2020/ 2021, the School of Management (VŠM) in Bratislava offers PhD. Program in Business Management which in English is unique in Slovakia. The program has been designed as  part-time (external) study. For further information please contact your PhD. student advisor, Andrea Sládečková,


Reasons for Studying the PhD. at VSM

  • Regional accreditation: VSM`s PhD. program is recognized and commended for its academic rigor, high quality curriculum, and extensive student support.
  • Time to completion: The estimated time to complete VSM`s PhD. program is between three and four years. Faculty will be supporting students to ensure student success.
  • Program structure: The PhD. program is offered part-time.

Program Outcomes

The Doctor of Business Management will prepare students to:

  • Analyze business-related information and assess the current state of an organization;
  • Develop effective business strategies that guide organizations to change and adapt to future challenges;
  • Evaluate complex organizations and how they can appropriately serve their stakeholders;
  • Recognize the social and economic value of responsible business strategies as an ethical business leaders of the future;
  • Utilize project-oriented approaches to lead organizations with innovation and vision;
  • Conduct data-driven business analyses and interventions founded in accepted research methodologies to improve operational performance;
  • Design and conduct significant and unique research projects that contribute to the knowledge of the business administration field.

Admission Requirements

  •  A university 2nd degree (graduate level)
  •  Good English language proficiency
  •  Successfully passing the entrance exams
  •  Payment of tuition & fees - tuition and fees

Modes of Study

  • part-time (external 4 years)

Information on the Admission Process to PhD Program

Date of submission of the application formN/A

Date of the admission exams: N/A
Start of the PhD. program: N/A

Dissertation Thesis Titles for Applicants - N/A

Supervisor's Agreement

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