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About the School of Management

The School of Management (Vysoká škola manažmentu, or VSM) was established by law of the National Council of the Slovak Republic on December 1, 1999 as the first private school in Slovakia. It is accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic at the undergraduate and graduate levels for programs in business administration and knowledge management and for the PhD. program in knowledge management. The founding partner of VŠM is City University of Seattle, which has been sucessfully offering its business curricula in Slovakia since 1991. City University of Seattle offers the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs, and its diplomas are accredited in the USA by Northwest Commission on Schools and Universities NWCCU. School of Management and City University of Seattle have compatible programs for the bachelor program in English and they also share international staff of instructors. The instructors have rich, practical experience and use pedagogical methods guaranteeing high levels of expertise in their fields of business administration, along with their personal responsibility for students' education, creativity and communication. In addition, cooperation with Gratex International (the Slovakia software development company) enables the School of Management to offer specialization in the field of information systems.

After obtaining a diploma from the School of Management, the graduates could expand their knowledge in practice, or they can decide to continue studying City University of Seattle programs for one additional academic year in order to obtain the American Diploma of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and consequently next two years to receive the Diploma of Master of Business Administration (MBA). Well–established and progressively designed City University of Seattle programs have prepared over thousands graduates for successful careers at different levels of management, including positions in top management in the USA, Europe and Asia. School of Management successfully cooperates and develops professional relationships with schools in foreign countries, currently in the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Finland, Austria and many others.

Mission and Philosophy

VSM is a private not-for-profit institution of higher education. Its mission is to change lives for good by offering high quality and relevant lifelong education to anyone with the desire to learn. The mission is based on these philosophical principles:

  • Education is a lifelong process and must be relevant to the student's aspirations;
  • Education should be affordable and offered, as much as possible, at the student's convenience; and
  • Opportunity to learn should be open to anyone with the desire to achieve. 

Program Offerings

  • Bachelor in Business Administration (full-time or online format)
  • Magister in Business Administration (full-time or online format)
  • Double degree program Magister/MBA (full-time or part-time format)
  • PhD. in Business Management (full-time or part-time format)
  • Intensive English Program (full-time program)

Vysoká škola manažmentu v Trenčíne, Bezručova 64, 911 01 Trenčín / Panónska cesta 17, 851 04 Bratislava