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Today's date: 04.07.2020
Registration requirements:

  • prepaid tuition
  • prepaid study materials
  • prepaid prolongation stamp for 2019/2020 (15/12€ daily students)

In order to gain access to the online registration you should make the payment latest by February 29, 2020 and send the proof of payment to your advisor as soon as possible.
To speed up the registrations process please pay all fees including  textbook fees via internet banking.

BSBA/DUAL: whose cum GPA is bellow 2.0
MBA/DUAL: whose cum  GPA is bellow 3.0
These students can register accordingly:
- on the basis of an approval from the READMISSION COMMITTEE (if grades for WN20 will probably not increase your GPA above 2.0/3.0) - no later than March 25 , 2020 OR
- if the grades for WN20 increased your GPA above 2.0/3.0 - no later than March 20, 2020. Next meeting of the Readmission committee is scheduled for March 20, 2020.


  1. Please follow the specific dates according to the type of program.
  2. Invalid registrations will be REJECTED without the notification!








IN PERSON cancelled


Bc. - S.j.


March 17, 2020


March 20  



March 18, 2020


March 20




March 16, 2020


March 20  
MBA   March 19, 2020      

ONLINE registrations will be open on the scheduled days from midnight to midnight. Students can register through the system ESO at
The instructions on how to register are here:
Please, do not forget to SUBMIT your registration after you make your choice of courses.
REGISTRATIONS IN PERSON will take place on the scheduled days at the times stated in the table above. Students can come to the Admissions office in person or send a person who is authorized to act on behalf of them.
The student should bring the proof of payment.

You can check the status of your registration via within 2 business days  after the sending the request for registration.

Registrations after the official dates are possible only with confirmation about the payment of  late registration fee.


Schedules - offer of courses can be found shortly in the section 'Students/Schedules'.


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