Applicants / Introduction

Globally Connected

Vysoka skola manazmentu / CityU of Seattle offers high quality educational programs - without consideration of borders - to anyone with the capability and motivation to learn. More globally connected than ever, VSM / CityU has extended its reach into Central and Eastern Europe, partnering with many well-known educational institutions. Currently, the university offers programs in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Greece and Romania.

Summer programs in Central and Eastern Europe are aimed at groups of students from different schools or students connected through a common interest. Central and Eastern Europe is frequently preferred by students because of its affordable prices and its prime time, central location (programs can be enriched with quick, convenient trips to major cities in neighboring countries (Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic or Poland).

To help you achieve your goal of studying abroad, VSM / CityU will assist you with arranging transportation, accommodations, and various activities (depending on your individual preference).

Why study at VSM / CityU in Central and Eastern Europe?

  • earn U.S. credit for all courses taken (credits are transferable),
  • enhance your learning experience by studying in a new and exciting environment,
  • discover the people, places, and sultures of Eastern and Central Europe,
  • favorable tuition and fees schemes.

Academic Focus

Bachelor`s, Master`s and certificate degree programs in Business Administration and Knowledge Management. Courses may be oriented to a European Union business environment.

Eligibility Requirements

Minimum age - 18.


Summer programs are offered from June till September. Last day for registration is April 15. Discounts may be available for students who register early.


Tuition rates vary by the type and length of the program being studied. For more information on costs, call or e-mail Mrs. Antonia Valasikova. See contact information below.

Living Arrangements

Varies according to teaching site.

Program Length

Varies from 2-6 weeks. Academic year consists of 10-week quarters.


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