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Note: For information about textbooks please see Instructional materials.

Print and copy services    

The services with consumption costs (toner, paper, foil, etc.) are charged according to a price list.  Paid services cover printing from library computers, making foil copies, and making paper copies.
Students should use copy cards of 30 or 45 points that can be purchased in the library for 2.00 and 3.00 € respectively. A single-side copy costs one point, while a doubleside copy is two points.

Interlibrary loans

If you need a book that is currently borrowed in one library site but is available in the other one, just ask librarians for inter library loan. Delivery does not take more than two-three days. Librarians will notify you via SMS when the book arrives.

If you need a book that is not held by VŠM library, the librarians can ask another library in Slovakia for inter library loan. Because not all libraries participate in this type of loan service, it is always good to check it first with library staff. Note: This service is reserved for teachers and researchers.


If an item is checked out by another student, you can place a hold on it.
Placing a hold can be done through a personal account in the online catalog, via email, or in person.
The Library sends an SMS notification when the item is returned and ready for you so that you can pick it up as soon as possible.

Scanning documents

Electronic copies of library materials are made and delivered for free. The free service applies to students, teachers, and full-membership readers.
The limits are given by the Slovak Copyright Act.
We will deliver the scanned document to your email or will save it to any device at your convenience.

Instructions about VŠM library use

The Library offers instruction tours for classes to educate students in locating and using appropriate sources for their research and coursework.
The tour lasts approximately 40 minutes and can be tailored to meet the information needs of a specific course or assignment.
Please arrange the tour with the librarians at least one day before the desired date.

City University databases: learning how to search the City University online databases requires a special workshop in the library or in the computer lab. It takes about one hour and should also be arranged in advance with Vanda Mokranova .

New books suggestion and purchase

Decision on purchase of new books and other materials is the responsibility of the Acquisition Committee that meets once a month. The committee members evaluate all requests and suggestions from teachers, students, and members of the committee.
Committee members:
1. Mgr. Lucia Baginová, library director
2. Denisa Hackett, PhD., MBA, associate dean
3. Daniela Divílková, acquisitions librarian
4. Bc. Albert Ivančík, library branch head
5. An invited librarian (to keep an odd number of voting members)

If a teacher urgently needs primary or supplementary literature on his/her course, he/she should ask an acquisitions librarian (Daniela Divílková ) for preferred purchase.

ISBN request

Textbooks, proceedings and other types of publications issued by VŠM may have ISBN assigned.  The service is provided by Slovak National ISBN Centre upon the library's request. Please contact Albert Ivančík in Bratislava library.

Electronic request to download and submit to the library is available here [doc].

Note : The library also checks the completeness of information on the front and reverse sides of the cover page. One or two copies of each publication with ISBN assigned must be sent to repositories of the Slovak National Library and the Comenius University Library. The number of copies depends on the total number of copies issued. These extra copies should be calculated when edition is planned.

Students' membership (alumni)

We offer full library membership to alumni for the discounted price 9.00 € per 12 months.

Community members

Although the library was established to support the learning programs of VŠM, it is also open to serve the public. There are two possibilities:

  1. Full membership with the annual fee of 20 € enables readers to use all materials in the open collection, to borrow items and to use library equipment for free. Printing, copying, and internet access is charged extra.
  2. Single visit, or pay per visit, enables visitors to study books and periodicals in the library premises for 1 €. The fee does not cover internet access. Printing and copying is charged extra.
TOEFL materials

VŠM is the Certified Test Administration Site providing their facilities to TOEFL test takers. To help them to prepare for the test, the library offers single loan of TOEFL test materials.
Materials can be borrowed until the closest test date. The single loan fee is 3,50 € plus 30 € deposit. The deposit is paid back when all materials are returned undamaged.  

Note: VŠM students may borrow TOEFL materials for free.

Search service  (literature search)

If you need a list of available materials on a particular topic, you can ask the library for a literature search.
The request can be sent via library email or online using a form in the online catalog. The more accurately your request is formulated the sooner and better we will be able to complete the search for you.
For readers from community this service is charged according to the price list.
Important: Librarians are not allowed to prepare lists of literature for students' research papers or theses; to find and evaluate information sources is a part of course requirements.


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