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Cooperation between CASIO Europe and VŠM

CASIO Europe and VŠM have signed a cooperation agreement. Its objective is cooperation in exploitation of intelligent graphic claculators at universities. CASIO has donated 25 ClassPad 300 calculators to VŠM. They can perform formal algebraic manipulations, calculate derivations and integrams, draw functions, compute their roots, maxima and minima, etc. They also perfom statistical and spreadsheet evaluations. Due to these features they are welcome tools for mathematics classes. As a part of the agreement, CASIO will sponsor activities connected with dissemination of lecturers' experience, mainly their participation at international conferences. Under the CASIO umbrella, Ms. Koreňová and Mr. Hvorecký will travel in May to Barcelona, Spain. Mr. Hvorecký will also visit the ICME-11 conference in Monterrey, Mexico.


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