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It is our pleasure to inform you that VŠM hosted the 2013 National Round of the Global Management Challenge (the most prestigeous international competition on strategic planning) on the 26th of March and also participated at the gala evening with the award ceremony on the 3rd of April as the main partner of this student competition. We are happy that we were able to secure first class media coverage (two TVs – TA3 and The Slovak Television). The key note speech was given by the Minister of Education of the Slovak Republic, Mr. Dusan Caplovic, who spoke very highly about the contest.

You may watch the TV news here:

TA3: http://www.ta3.com/clanok/1017438/studenti-si-mohli-otestovat-manazerske-zrucnosti-v-sutazi.html
STV Main News: http://www.stv.sk/online/archiv/spravy-stv?date=2013-04-04&id=52925&playerType= (from 34 min. 43 sec.) 

Also we are happy to announce that one of the 72 teams that made it to the finals was a VŠM team (Ctibor Belák, Miroslav Čierny, Martin Belák and Michal Božek)! They ended up 7th. Congratulations to our team and a big ‘thank you‘ to all that participated at organizing both events.


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