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"graduates" of our summer online courses

On August 15, 2013, VSM / CityU hosted the first "graduation" of the first "graduates" of our summer online courses (verbal communication and project management). It was the first time the graduates had an opportunity to meet their teachers Zuzana Melicherikova and Bohus Kern (in a face to face mode). Among the host were also Alena Busikova and Branislav Zlocha, who gave an overview of the summer online program and summarized the outcomes. During the session the students shared their experiences with the online delivery mode and provided feedback. To our surprise there were no negative experiences and students spoke very highly about the quality of our faculty and online activities. At the end of the meeting the students received their certificates of completion. Many thanks to all who have contributed to smooth organization of the summer online courses, namely the faculty members Zuzana Melicherikova, Andrej Piovarci, and Bohus Kern, to our IT team lead by Marek Karais, Peter Frana and Tomas Stolar and Alena Busikova and Denisa Hackett for academic leadership!


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