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Haitian Relief Effort

We’ve all seen the images and heard the heart wrenching stories that have come out of Haiti since the devastating earthquake that shook that country to its core. People from around the world opened their wallets and donated to organizations that are on the ground in Haiti and able to immediately respond to the needs of the Haitian people. Now, as the news coverage begins to dim, the hardest work begins. Rebuilding. It’s going to take years and millions of dollars to rebuild Haiti’s infrastructure.

Realizing that this is a long-term effort, it’s vitally important that fundraising efforts continue for months and years to come, and this is where the global City University of Seattle network can help.

CityU of Seattle is in a unique position as a university that operates programs in eleven countries to mobilize a worldwide fundraising program.

Today, CityU is launching a Global Mobilization Haiti Earthquake Response program benefiting the Red Cross. I invite you to go to http://american.redcross.org/cityuniversity-emp where you can make a secure and safe direct donation to the Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti. All proceeds from these donations will go directly to the Red Cross and its partners, which include the Haitian Red Cross, global Red Cross and Red Crescent network. Your generous gift will provide relief supplies, relief workers along with financial resources and overall recovery.

Over the next several months, we’ll be providing you with updates on how our fundraising efforts are going. Feel free to forward the donation program link to friends, family, vendors and colleagues outside of the CityU network.

Together with our international CityU community, CityU can have an impact with your help. We are fortunate as a global university that serves students around the world to be able to make a difference. Please join with CityU and the Red Cross to support this ongoing relief program.

With sincere gratitude,


Lee Gorsuch


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