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More VSM/CityU Students on the “Capsim`s Global Top 10 List”

We are proud to announce that two more CityU students have made it to the global “Top 10 List”, which is a list of student teams achieving scores in the top 10% of all Capsim teams in the world using Capsim Foundation. There are over 1500 teams in the world competing for this honor. They were in Instructor Jim Marchbank’s Business Strategy undergraduate course in Bratislava, Slovakia. Marchbank said, “It was even more meaningful as their team came from behind to take first place. Once they implemented their revised strategy, they quickly moved into a commanding lead. The skills they learned in this Simulation will be very helpful as they leave City U to begin their professional business careers.” We congratulate Andrea Klinková and Katka Suballyová from the Bratislava campus of CityU.

The Capstone Business Simulation — the best selling business simulation for college and executive education in the world has been used by over 200,000 participants. There are currently over 500 colleges, universities and elite corporations engaged in CAPSIM, including “ivy league” universities, such as Harvard Business School and Stanford University. City University of Seattle adopted Capsim and integrated it into its BSBA and MBA curriculum as of fall 2009/2010 academic year.


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