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VŠM/CityU Launches On-line Registrations

Vysoká škola manažmentu will be implementing a new student information system during the next few months . The new database allows students to register on-line, including on-line payments. As the new system requires assigning and checking program plans for each individual student, as well as auditing of all payments, on-line registrations will be introduced gradually. MBA students in Trenčín will be the first who can be registered on-line. MBA students in Bratislava will be the next, then students of the „magister“ program and the on-line registrations should be available for all students in the fall.

Thanks to the new system , student advisors can spend more time advising, which is now possible only during the term, with no time for it during registration.

We all know that during the implementation of new systems, some unpredicted complications can appear. We believe that they will not be tooserious. However, we want to ask you to be patient and co-operative. The new system will make the process of registration more effective and pleasant for all of us.


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