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Library of Vysoká škola manažmentu provides scholarly and specialized information resources to support research activities in all programs offered by Vysoká škola manažmentu, City University of Seattle.

The Library collection is constantly being updated to meet information demands of faculty and students in research, writing papers, theses and dissertations.
Library materials are mostly in the English language. In recent years, we have built up a significant part of the collection in Slovak and Czech languages. The collection includes more than 24,000 titles. The Library is subscribed to more than 70 scholarly periodicals in English, Slovak and Czech languages.

The library catalog is available online. Online catalog manual [pdf].

The main library is in Trenčín, a branch library is located in Bratislava. Both libraries share the same database of readers and loans, so readers can borrow and return materials at the more convenient site.

All library computers are connected to the internet, and a strong wifi signal covers entire library premises.

Note: For information about textbooks please see Instructional materials.


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