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Erasmus + / Application for ERASMUS+

Application for ERASMUS+


STUDENT APPLICATION FORM - International Students (Erasmus+ program)


PERSONAL DATA (to be completed by the student applying)
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Processing of personal data

Vysoká škola manažmentu in Trenčín, residing at 64 Bezručova, 911 01 Trenčín, IČO(Identification Number of Organization): 36 120 901 (further on referred to as “VŠM“), will be, as an operator in accordance with the GDPR, processing your personal data in a scope listed on the application for study

VŠM, operates, besides its own study programs, in cooperation with CITY UNIVERSITY OF SEATTLE, residing at 521 Wall Street, Suite 100, Seattle WA 98121, the United States of America (further on referredto as „CityU“), based on an agreement on an academic cooperation, also the study programs of CityU such as Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Master of Business Administration as individual study programs or as dual study programs in a combination with study programs operated by VSM. When applying to any CityU study program, the VSM and CityU will have mutual operators when processing your application (including admission and registration) and your personal data will be transfered to the USA based on standard amendemends on data protection in accordance with an article 46 clause 2 of GDPR provision.

Your personal data will be processed by VŠM and/or CityU for the purpose of admission by VŠM and/or CityU and registration. Providing that you become a VŠM and/or CityU student, these data will be further processed for keeping the student registry.

Processing your personal data by VŠM is obligatory and results legally from provisions of § 73 Clause 3 in accordance with provisions of § 58 Clauses 3 a 4 of the Law no. 131/2002 of the Legal Code on universities and on later changes and amendments of the laws..

Providing personal data as requested above is required by law. Without providing them, you can not be assessed as an applicant for admission by VŠM and/or CityU.

Regarding processing your personal data, you can contact VŠM/CityU:

  • by regular mail at: Vysoká škola manažmentu/City University of Seattle, Panónska cesta 17, 851 04 Bratislava;

  • by e-mailom at: dpo@vsm.sk;

You will find more detailed information on processing your personal data, on their recipients and on your rights in “Som študent“ (“I Am a Student“) in Zásady ochrany osobných údajov VŠM (VŠM Personal Data Protection Guidelines) available at http://www.vsm.sk/files/svk/o-skole/media/zasady-ochrany-osobnych-udajov/180529_vsm_privacy-policy_web.pdf.

Personal data processing agreement

I grant the permission that VŠM and/or CityU process my contact informations such as: mailing address, e-mail address and phone/mobile in order to contact me with offers on study programs for the period of 2 years from the start of the academic year I applied for the study in.

I confirm that I’m providing this agreement and my personal data willingly. I understand that I can withdraw this consent anytime and that the withdrawal will not affect the legitimacy of the processing prior to the withdrawal.

The agreement can be withdrawn by fillinf out the following form: online form, or by sending the letter to: Vysoká škola manažmentu, Panónska cesta 17, 851 04 Bratislava or by emailing to: dpo@vsm.sk.

I hereby confirm that I got thoroughly familiar with the information on my personal data processing, their receiver and my rights listed in VSM privacy policy published at http://www.vsm.sk/files/svk/o-skole/media/zasady-ochrany-osobnych-udajov/180529_vsm_privacy-policy_web.pdf




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