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Research and APA Style Guide 2015
This is a guide to doing, using, and citing research in all your coursework (papers, presentations, discussion postings). It is a required resource in all courses; you are expected to submit assignments that meets these standards. The first part of the guide contains tips on doing research through CityU's online portal as well as on the Internet. The second part covers how to use research effectively in your work, and the final part focuses on APA format and style.

Students with the first edition: The first edition is still mostly good, but you should replace pp. 31-57 and p. 67. Over the last year, the APA and its followers have corrected and clarified some issues with the reference list, and so the 2nd edition contains a changed and better Chapter IV: Reference List Guide. Besides that, the other changes in the 2nd edition are minor.


Academic Writing Guide 
This is a guide to writing academic papers for students just starting at City University of Seattle or students who would like to improve their writing skills.


Additional Help
Quiz yourself on making a reference page and using sources:
Quiz 1
Quiz 2

A brief overview of APA style and format. Page numbers refer to Research and APA Style Guide 2010:
APA workshop slides

Last updated September 17, 2010


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