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1. How do I calculate my grade point average (GPA)?

It is student’s responsibility to watch his/her academic standing and calculate his/her GPA. You should recalculate it at the end of each trimester. In fact, it is the numerical summary of the grades earned from particular courses. Thus, you divide the sum of all earned grades by the number of courses you took. Students of BSBA and MBA programs can access their unofficial transcript at official CityU web page at

2. What is the probation status?

Students have to maintain the cumulative GPA at least 2.0 in undergraduate program and at least 3.0 in graduate program. Once the cum GPA drops down under this level at the end of any trimester, student is placed on probation status. During probation, student has to increase his/her cum GPA to the required level: 2.0 in undergraduate program; 3.0 in graduate program in next two terms.

3. When am I dismissed from the program?

Student is dismissed from the program when he/she does not increase his/her cum GPA to the required level during the two terms of probation status.

4. What should I do when dismissed?

Student who wants to apply for re-admission has to send an official written request to the Readmission Committee (RC). It is enough to send this request via email to Moreover, it has to be sent one working day prior to the committee’s meeting by 4PM. Committee’s dates are stated in the academic calendar that can be found at VSM web page. Student does not participate on the committee’s meeting personally. When asking for re-admission, the request has to be submitted with all necessary data e.g. student’s full name, student’s ID, email address, current cum GPA. Besides these, student should explain reasons why his/her academic standing s so weak and what he/she will do not to face this situation in future again. Students can download the Readmission Committee request at under ‘Students’.

Again, please note that it is your student responsibility to check your cum GPA after every term. Student in suspension status cannot be registered. If it happens, such registration is not valid. It will be removed from the system and student can ask for a refund based on the official CItyU refund policy.

EXAMPLE: At the end of fall term, student’s cum GPA is below the minimum required level 2.0/3.0. He/she is placed on probation status where he/she remains in two following terms that is both winter term and spring term. After the spring term, student recalculates his/her cum GPA. If it is still below the minimum required level 2.0/3.0, he/she has to write an official written request to the Readmission Committee.

5. How am I informed about the RC’s decision?

Student can contact the admission office and ask about the RC results. The best way to do so is to contact the office by phone. This is the registration period, which is the busiest part of the academic year. In addition, the official decision letter will be sent to your VSM email account. Students who are dismissed will receive the letter via Slovak post (registered mail), too.

6. Can I appeal RC’s decision?

Yes, you can. The appeal should be sent to the  CityU Associate Dean at (CityU program students) no later than 10 days from the time decision letter was delivered to you. The decision of the Associate Dean is definite.

For further information about the readmission process, please contact the admission office.


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