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Management Challenges in the 21st Century: 2018

10th Annual Conference

Services in the Digital Era: Problems and Prospects
April 25th, 2018

Aim of the 2018 conference

The primary focus of the 2018 conference „Management Challenges in 21st century“ is to discuss different areas of the service sector in the digital age,  the varied problems related to its implementation and improvement; and future opportunties and challenges within this sector.   In Slovakia, the service sector is one of the most important contributors to the economy and the country’s GDP.   Our conference will focus on three primary areas:  First, it will discuss the digitalization of the financial services area, and its impact on businesses and clients.  Second, it will  discuss the varied problems and challenges with digitation in the information and educational fields, and finally it will provide discussion and debate on select areas of digitalization on services in business and personal development.  The conferece will be informative for academics, researchers, students, and businessmen.  We invite all to join us and participate in this timely and important topic of discussion.

Conference sessions:

Digitalization and Financial system
Sessions on digitalization within the financial system will include:  Macroeconomic financial policy (including tax policy) in the digital age; digitalization and new options for corporate tax planning;   new challenges to regulation; forms and rationale for digitalisation in varied institutions within the financial sector (banks, insurance companies, stock exchange, etc.); the benefits and risks associated with digitalization;  new players in the digitalization in the financial sector (members in the new shared economy);  digitalization of financial services with community members and the benefits, problems, and need for continued IT education in the digital age. 

ICT sector and education in digital era: pressing problems and possible solutions
Sessions in the ICT and Education sectors will include: Information Technology Service Management; IT services and security,: risk management; project management,; software life cycle management; education in digital era – new forms, new challenges; shared service centers in Slovakia ( their importance for both – MNCs and Slovak economy); and Shared Service Centers (SSCs) and business centers as the challenge for local educational system.

Services in specific areas (non-profit, culture, health care, quality management, transport and logistics etc.)
Sessions in the Service Sector will also include: The position and roles of services in the non-for-profit sector; public services; services within culture and the arts; services in sport management; services in health care; wellnes and healthy life style; services in transport;, service idustry marketing and management; total quality management in services; shifts and trends in specific services due to digital technologies;  digital market of services in specific areas; consumer behavior within specific services in the digital era; and other specific areas of service sector.

Date and conference venue:

April 25, 2018
Vysoká škola manažmentu
Panónska cesta 17, 851 04 Bratislava

1st floor, room no. 113

Information for conference participants:

  1. Conference languages: English, Slovak and Czech.
  2. Contributions of participants will be published in referred conference proceedings (CD).
  3. Maximum length of an abstract is 10 lines, maximum length of a paper is 8 pages, format A4.
  4. Deadline for submission of an abstract in the electronic form or via REGISTRATION FORM: by January 12, 2018 (extended until February 28, 2018).
  5. Deadline for submission of a contribution in the electronic form by March 9, 2018 extended until March 25, 2018.
  6. Registration for the conference: by April 20, 2018 via the REGISTRATION FORM.
  7. Abstracts and contributions to be sent to:
  8. Conference fee: 50 EUR, for PhD students 25 EUR, for company presentations 100 EUR
  9. The conference fee has to be paid: by April 13, 2018.

A detailed program of the conference will be sent to all registered participants.

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IBAN: SK85 7500 0000 0002 0286 1503
Variable symbol: 042518

Each payment should include a variable symbol: 042518. In the box “Message for the receiver”, do not forget to enter the first and second name of the participant, as well as “Conference M21 2018“. Otherwise, the payment cannot be identified and the fee might be considered as unpaid.



prof. Ing. Edita Hekelová, PhD.
Rector, School of Management


prof. Dr. Arnold Schuh
Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria

prof. Dr. Arthur Rubens
Florida Gulf Coast University Fort Myers, USA

prof. Dr. Michael Pitts
Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, USA

mim. prof. PhDr. Monika Šestáková, DrSc.
School of Management

prof. RNDr. Jozef Hvorecký, PhD.
School of Management


Chairman: prof. Ing. Soňa Ferenčíková, PhD.

doc. Ing. Mária Tajtáková, PhD.
Denisa Hackett, PhD., MBA
PaedDr. Jana Palenčárová, PhD.
Mgr. Valéria Medárová, PhD., MBA
Ing. Renata Janošcová, PhD.
Ing. Jaroslav Jambor, PhD.

Contact information:
School of Management
Ing. Renata Janošcová, PhD.

Bezručova 64, 911 01 Trenčín
Tel.: +421 32 65 28 174
Mob.: +421 905 762 128


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