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Erasmus mobility program

The aim of the ERASMUS Programme is to encourage and support academic mobility of higher education students and teachers within the European Union, the European Economic Area countries of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway as well as candidate countries such as Turkey. Switzerland is again eligible for membership as from 2007, after a period of absence following the rejection by that country of closer links with the European Union in the late 90s. During that period of absence Swiss universities pursued inter-university collaboration with other European institutions through a system closely based on ERASMUS.


Students who join the ERASMUS programme study for a period of 3 months to an academic year in another European country. The ERASMUS programme guarantees that the period spent abroad is recognised by their university when they come back as long as they abide by terms previously agreed.

A main part of the programme is that students do not pay extra tuition fees to the university that they visit. Students can also apply for an ERASMUS grant to help cover the additional expense of living abroad. Students with disabilities can also apply for additional grant to cover extraordinary expenses. The disability dimension is a part of EU work to promote opportunities for the disabled.

In order to reduce expenses and increase mobility, many students also use the European Commission-supported accommodation network, CasaSwap, which is a free website where students and young people can rent, sublet, offer and swap accommodation - on a national and international basis. A derived benefit is that students can share knowledge and exchange tips and hints with each other before and after going abroad.

Erasmus Policy Statement

Erasmus Charter For Higher Education 2014-2020

Erasmus Charter For Higher Education 2021-2027

For further information on the Erasmus Program contact Mrs. Ela Csibová at


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