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Policies and fees

Note: For information about textbooks please visit webpage : Instructional materials.

Regular loans

The permission to use library sources starts and ends with the trimester, except for full-year tuition payment, which entitles students to use library services during breaks between trimesters and during summer vacation. 

To borrow items from the library, students have to present their ISIC cards.

All library materials with open access can circulate. This also applies to CDs, DVDs and magazines.


  • the latest issue of a magazine may not be borrowed
  • materials from the reference section may be studied only in the library premises
  • readers may have up to 5 books and 5 magazines checked out

Loan period:

  • for magazines it is 4 days
  • for all other materials it is 21 days

The  length of the renewal period is the same as the standard loan period. Please ask for renewal at least on the date when an item is due. You can ask for renewal in person, by phone or by email.

The item loan cannot be renewed if another reader is waiting for it. 

For overdue items, the library grants one day grace period; the overdue fine of 0.05 EUR for each day and item begins accruing on the following day.

The Library communicates with readers via email. We use school mail to contact VŠM students. If a student does not respond to email reminder, the library sends it via regular mail. In this case, the postage costs are added to the total fine. 

Reference section 

Materials from the reference section may be used in the library premises only. This includes all reference materials such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, legislative documents, statistical yearbooks and the like. The reference section is open to all visitors.

Materials on reserve

Teachers can put any library or private materials on reserve for students. The Library usually keeps 2-3 copies of one title, which is not enough to circulate within a group in a 10-week term. If the title is put on reserve and limited for in-library study, all students have equal access to it.

Short-term loans (state exam preparation)

The textbooks that belong to the rental system and must be returned after the trimester are reserved in the library for state exam preparation. Students may borrow them for one week period. Slovak textbooks that students purchase on their own and books available as e-books are not provided. 


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