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Download - View Unofficial Transcript
Manual for viewing an unofficial transcript.
Courses completed at VŠM, marked as "V" or "S", are not included in the unofficial transcript of City University of Seattle and are not counted into GPA. "V/S" courses are transfered in a form of credits at the end of study.
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Challenge Exam Form
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All forms have to be filled in CAPITAL LETTERS and signed hand-written. Valid date of acceptance is the day of personal delivery to the admission office, post office stamp or fax/e-mail date.

Tuition Refund Request
Students may request for tuition/excess payment refund in case of stop out/discontinuous enrollment.
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Student Card Request
Student card is issued according to Act No. 131/2002 as amended by subsequent regulations and related to the Regulation of ME SR No. CD-2004-3048/6280-1 effective March 1, 2004 and is valid during the whole study at a university.
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Contact Sheet
VŠM/CityU is allowed to inform about student's grades or student's status only prior the student's approval. This form serves as the (dis)approval for VŠM/CityU to give informations about the student to the third parties (parents, friends).
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Change of Directory Information
Every student is responsible for informing the Admissions Office about changes regarding their mailing address, email address, phone number
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Fire Prevention, Safety and Health Protection in the Workplace
Taking part in training on fire prevention is equally important as your work and study obligations.
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Diploma Application
Diploma Application has to be filled out on a computer, signed and delivered together with a proof of payment for diploma application fee two terms prior the study completion. See "Tuition and Fees".
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Transcript Request
Transcript request has to be delivered together with the Transcript request fee according to "Tuition and Fees".
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Proctor Form
Students studying from abroad are required to fill in the proctor form and submit it by the 3rd week of the term to the vice rector for approval. The form has to be signed by the chosen proctor (person supervising the exams).
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Academic Petition
This petition serves for the 4th course registration approval, course substitution and other. Petition is to be delivered (personally/via post/e-mail) to the vice rector for approval.
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Drop Form
This form serves to avoid having failing grade. The student can withdraw from the course by the 8th week of the term the latest by submitting the drop form to the admission office.
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Grade Grievance Instructions and Form

If a student believes that a grade is unjust, that it was assigned arbitrarily, or that critical factors were not taken into account, the student may appeal the grade by exercising the following procedure. Student must fill in a form which can also be found here.
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Diploma Reproduction Application
Please, check the actual fee for the request -
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Apostille/ Authentication Request
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Request for interruption of studies

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