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The School of Management in Trenčín was established by the law no. 286/1999 Coll. of the National Council of the Slovak Republic as the first private school of higher education in Slovakia on December 1, 1999. It follows up on the tradition of providing of college education in the fields of management, which was introduced in Slovakia by the City University of Seattle in 1991.

The School of Management belongs to schools of higher education with complete offer of bachelor, master and doctoral study programs. Until the year 2004, its only accredited study program was the bachelor program Business Management in the study field 3.3.16 Economics and Business Management. In 2005, another study program named Knowledge Management was accredited at the bachelor and master degree levels, and in 2010, the school’s development was completed by accreditation and implementation of the doctoral study program in Knowledge Management.

In the present, the School of Management in Trenčín provides bachelor, master and doctoral studies in the study field 3.3.16 Economics and Business Management. In addition, as a member of the higher education system of the Slovak Republic, in cooperation with the City University of Seattle, the School of Management provides bachelor and master studies of Business Management, a double diploma with the possibility to acquire the accredited BSBA diploma of CityU of Seattle, as well as MBA (Master of Business Administration) studies.

Research activities of the School of Management prove its continuous effort to rise in quality. They are closely connected to the school’s education fields and they contribute to increasing quality of the study programs, which reflect the research outcomes. The research focuses on economy, ranging from its theoretical fundamentals to specific business administration issues, including business knowledge management and other supporting disciplines (mathematics, informatics, psychology, etc.).

The major research fields include:

  • Business administration and its specifics
  • Modernization and improvement of business and knowledge management, innovation management, quality management
  • Development of small and medium-sized enterprises, family enterprises and start-ups in Slovakia and in VUCA world conditions
  • Internationalization of Slovak companies and their growing competitiveness in the global market
  • International economics, TNC management, international partnerships, alliances, fusions and acquisitions
  • Digitalization of economy and its influence on enterprises, new marketing forms
  • Human resource management and its new forms in the digital world, leadership and its new forms
  • Creative industry, management of non-profit organizations, CSR, green management
  • Increasing of the quality of private higher education in Slovakia
  • Improving of preparation of future managers by enriching the course content and utilization of modern educational methods and ICT
  • Online learning in the field of business administration
  • Transfer from the information society to the knowledge society

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