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Distance learning form of study is designed mainly for those students, who are full-time workers and cannot attend classes during a day. Distance learning students study individually and do their assignments as scheduled. Students are in contact with their instructors through e-mail and a discussion portal . Frequency of personal consultations differs relatively to each course. Some courses enable more of individual study; others require regular student-instructor discussions.

Regular communication between a student and an instructor is processed through a specially designed discussion forum – a discussion portal (BrightSpace) where instructors monitor students’ progress and guide them to achievement of the prescribed requirements of courses. So the study becomes online without any need of weekend lectures. For this reason the school recommends personal meetings with the instructor during consultancy hours. Distance learning study provides sufficient room for deciding about a method and frequency of contacts, particularly before the midterm and final exams. *

Time range of courses via distance learning form of study is the same as in full-time study - 10 weeks in one term. Regarding the amount of academic work performance, requirements for distance learning students are the same as for full-time students. Distance learning students are obliged to assure regular access to a computer with Internet. Contributions to online activities as well as writing papers and preparation for exams can consume 10 or more hours weekly for each course. Change from distance learning to full-time study (in-class) and vice versa is possible after the term end.

* Note: There are usually two  tests – midterm and final, taking place approximately in the fifth and the tenth week of the term when the student comes personally to school or these exams writes abroad with a proctor. Proctor = exam supervisor (academician) from a university/college or from a university library whom the student searches and chooses by himself. Student then fills in the proctor form and submits it to the vice rector by the week 3 for an approval.



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