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The School of Management (VŠM) leadership considers it shortsighted to reduce doctoral education to direct pedagogical guidance of the doctoral study body. Our mission lies in making use of and channeling knowledge to the School of Management (VŠM) intellectual capital and disseminating it along further paths so that it can immediately benefit broad sections of public. An optimal combination of theory and practice prompts a fruitful feedback that, inturn, enables us to addres the actual needs of the public; hence, identifying what should make-up part and parcel of our doctoral syllabi and academic research. Over its relatively short existence university has established a versatile and reciprocally beneficial system of links to corporate and organizations. What follows is intended to offer an overview of the philosophy and cooperation at issue.

Domestic Academic Partners

In 2016, our faculty and research staff collaborated in the area of academia and research with the following SR institutions: the Economic Institute of Slovak Academy of Science and Letters, Economic University in Bratislava, Comenius University in Bratislava, and Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications in Žilina.

Gratex International

A telling example of the long-lasting form of cooperation with links to actual practice is provided by relationships with the company Gratex International and our cooperation on the development and support of Bachelors studies oriented towards Knowledge Management with the aim of training executives equipped with broader and deeper grasps of informatics, information and telecomunnication technologies, data and information management. The School of Management (VŠM) faculty and administration staff, in conjuction with Gratex International, have developed study syllabi allowing a certain portion of students to choose a specialization in this particular field in the format of elective courses. Gratex International has also sponsored the equipment of a computer lab as well as the extention of computer network.

Microsoft Slovakia

In 2006, the School of Management (VŠM) entered a multi-license agreement with Microsoft Slovakia, which secures use of the most recent version of MS Windows a MS Office software. The agreement has been annually renewed and extended with new products.

Career Center

Through its career center, the School of Management (VŠM) has been successful in collaborating with many other firms to create conditions making it possible for student study stays and job placement for alumni. In doing so, the Career Center has acted as a intermediary between the School of Management (VŠM) Student`s Parliament and the business comunity. This has led to the establishment of plentiful connections, above all, with Human Resource Departments of companies such Phillip Morris, Soitron, Lear Corporation, T-mobile, Orange Slovakia, Procter and Gamble, IBM, Zurich, HIC Consulting, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, and Kooperativa Insurance Company.


The School of Management (VŠM) has entered the agreement with Volksbank Slovakia and ISIC (International Student Identity Card) on provision of ID cards via MAESTRO Volksbank Slovakia, a.s. This card can also be used as ISIC cards, library membership cards and for other purposes.


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