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Registration of Publication Activity

Information system of bibliographic registration of publication activity should serve the following:

  1. collecting data about publication activities and responses from employees of VŠM
  2. bibliographic processing into the publication database of VŠM. The database is filled on a regular basis based on documents from employees of VŠM-CU. We follow standards of bibliographic registration of publication activities and documentation norms (AACR2, ISBD, MARC21, STN-ISO 690, Directive No. 456/2012) when entering new data into the database
  3. exporting data from the database Publication activity VŠM into the Central register of the Slovak Republic
  4. production of outputs based on various requirements of the management at VŠM, the Accreditation Committee of the Ministry of Education SR, grant agencies, etc.
  5. protecting and declassifying results of creative scientific work at VŠM-CU at present and in the future

Contact person: Bc. Albert Ivančík, email: , tel.: +421 268204510 (library Bratislava)

Rector’s guidance for implementing the Directive ME SR No. 456/2012 concerning the registration and categorization of bibliographic publications and responses at Vysoká škola manažmentu v Trenčíne

In order to ensure a comprehensive and operational registration of bibliographic publications and responses within the meaning of Directive ME SR. No. 456/2012 the following procedure has been established:

  1. The authors provide material for bibliographic registration and report publication activities to the VŠM-CU library continuously
  2. Publication activities are registered bibliographically in the VŠM library and the following are registered:
    • employees of VŠM who perform work for the specified working time under a special regulation 1(employees of VŠM with a full-time employment; employees with part-time employment, employment based on agreements and former employees are not registered, unless the publication includes the current or former affiliation with VŠM).
    • daily postgraduate students
  3. The author prepares material for bibliographic registration and archiving of own publication activities. The source for bibliographic registration is the original document, or its part, or its copies, which uniquely identifies it. Depending on the types of documents, the following should be documented:
    • book - title page, colophon and contents;
    • articles (sections) in journals and miscellanies, chapters in books
      • the title page of source document, the contents of the magazine (miscellany) and the colophon of the source document
      • the text of the essay or article
    • conference miscellanies - in addition to documenting the contribution of proceedings, it is necessary to present an invitation and the program of the conference;
    • documents posted on the internet - relevant parts of the document printed from the internet or a copy of the document in the electronic form;
    • audiovisual, multimedia and electronic documents (CDs, VHS, CD-R, DVD, etc.) - a copy of the cover and the relevant parts of the document printed after opening the document;
    • responses to publication activities 2
      • cover page of the quoting document
      • the contents and colophon of the quoting document
      • the page of the document, where the citation is given.
  4. In case of a publication by multiple authors from VŠM-CU, the head author or the first author hands in the materials. If the head author is not from VŠM-CU, the first named author from VŠM-CU hands in the materials.
  5. The Online Form about Publication is a part of the documents (for each published work separately). The author fills in all available data. The full text of the Directive No. 456/2012, its annexes is posted on the official VŠM site for registration of publication activities and responses. Annexes include categories of publication activities, categories of responses and definitions of basic terminology.
  6. The registration process is divided:
    • determining the categories of publications (the percentage of its inception) - performed by the author
    • collecting
      • authors are responsible for reporting publication activities. They are to submit the new publication and the Online Form about Publication
      • authors are responsible for reporting responses. They are to submit the Online Form about Responses
    • the library provides processing of bibliographic records of publication activities and responses; designated staff shall verify the formal categorization – the librarian has the right to modify the category of publication or response, if it is not in agreement with the definition of category; the author is informed about such changes
    • the processed results will be publicly available in the database of publication activities in the online catalog VŠM-CU
  7. The Library at Vysoká škola manažmentu v Trenčíne is the coordinating and processing department of publication activities, which
    • processes bibliographic records about publication documents and records responses based on the supplied materials. The library updates the publication activities, the central database of publication activities VŠM;
    • archives received documents, or its copies respectively, so that they are available for consulting, verifying the accuracy of data, for inspection, etc.
    • prepares necessary outputs and statistical overviews from the database of publication activities for VŠM
    • processes overviews about publication activities for the purpose of accreditation, evaluation of Acreditation Committee of the government of SR, or for a different evaluation
    • provides guidance and consultations regarding reporting


    prof. Ing. Edita Hekelová, PhD.
    rector of VŠM


1§ 85 paragraph 5 law No. 311/2001 Z.z. Labour Code, as amended
2 If databases Web of Science and Scopus are accessible in the SR, it is not necessary to document responses from these databases in printed form


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