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B.S. in Business Administration

City University of Seattle offers a 4-year Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A) program. The program is built on a solid core of management education combined with coursework that provides a broad understanding of business. The B.S. in Business Administration program surveys the contemporary business disciplines of accounting, finance, marketing, economics, law and international relations. Students strengthen skills in communication and decision-making and learn about the central importance of behavioral factors in business. In addition, graduates of the bachelor program are well-equipped to continue their studies in the graduate degree programs in a number of administrative, technical and commercial fields. CityU’s BSBA program lasts 4 years and a student studies 3 subjects per term. All BSBA classes are taught in English.

Admission Requirements

  • Signed application formApplication Form - Vysoká škola manažmentu ( .
  • High school diploma (or equivalent).
  • Paid fees and tuition - Application fee of 50 EUR, tuition and fees - Tuition 2023-2024 - Vysoká škola manažmentu ( , Fees - Vysoká škola manažmentu ( .
  • English language TOEFL test (paper -based) - 540 points minimum, no more than 2 years old) or one of these equivalents:
    • Graduation from a high school in an English-speaking country where the language of instruction was English (ONLY: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Ireland), .
    • Completion of at least 45 quarter degree credits (or 30 semester degree credits) at an accredited or CityU-recognized institution where the language of instruction was English, with satisfactory academic progress (cumulative GPA 2.0 or better).
    • TOEFL iBT  - min score 76.
    • Cambridge English First (FCE).
    • DUOLINGO – at least 100.   
    • IELTS – at least Band 6.0.



Grading System

BSBA follows CityU`s general grading system. Once a student has successfully passed all required courses, CityU grants the BSBA diploma. Note: The CityU Catalogue provides detailed information about the grading system and minimum GPA requirement.

Length of the Study

It takes approximately four years to complete the BSBA program (taking into account holidays and summer vacation). It is possible to start the program three times a year – January, April and October.

Study Formats

  • Daily – students attend classes daily
  • Online - students study individually so they do not need to attend the classes

Beginning of Study

  • It is possible to start studying at the beginning of each term – fall, winter and spring. 

Program Plan

CityU`s BSBA program is accredited in the USA by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) as well as Assembly for Collegiate Business Education.

1st year

code courses credits
ENG 102 English Composition II 5
CS 201 Information Technologies for Managers 5
MTH 110 Introduction to Statistics 5
MG 201 Introduction to Functions of Management 5
MATH 138 College Algebra 5
BC 301 Critical Thinking 5
  Elective course 5
  Elective course 5
  Elective course 5

2nd year

SSC 220 Principles of Microeconomics 5
BUS 310  Business Communications 5
SSC 221 Principles of Macroeconomics 5
SCI 215 Enviromental Science 5
CO 210 Oral Communication for Managers 5
AC 215 Fundamentals of Accounting 5
  Elective course 5
  Elective course 5
  Elective course 5

3rd year

BC 303 Statistics 5
BUS 315 Financial Accounting 5
BUS 317 Finance 5
BUS 320 Technology & Operations Management 5
BUS 330 Economic Analysis for Business Decisions  5
BUS 420 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Business Applications 5
BUS 424 Fundamentals of AI 5
  Elective course 5
  Elective course 5

4th year

BUS 426 Business Analytics for Decision Making 5
BUS 430 Marketing and Competitive Analysis 5
BUS 300 Business Dynamics 5
PM 401 Introduction to Project Management 5
BSM 404 International Business 5
BUS 402 Managing Organizational Systems and Complexity 5
BUS 304 Organizational Behavior and Leadership 5
HR 405 Strategic Management of Human Resources 5
BUS 495 Strategic Management 5
Total credits  180
Elective courses 
BSC 203V Fundamentals of the Slovak Labor code  
BSM 304 Effective Organizational Communications  
BSM 406V Business Economics  
BSM 485 Internship  
MG 210V Introduction to Slovak Business Law  
MTH 220 Calculus  
INT 305 Overview of the European Union  
PSY 201 Introduction to Psychology  
MK 403 Public Relations  
MK 388 Global Marketing  
MK 390 Advertising and Sales Promotion  
  * Schedule is a subject to change




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