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Scholastic Honesty


Students should be always aware that the value of an academic degree depends upon the academic integrity of the institution awarding it, and that scholastic honesty is mandatory for that integrity. Achievement of a degree through the use of dishonest practices lowers the value of the degree and also the whole value and pursuit of educational process. Therefore, VSM exercises zero tolerance towards any acts of scholastic dishonesty, as students who are not able to analyze and come up with their own thoughts will not be able to prove what they really learnt by themselves.

Following scholastic honesty rules

Scholastic honesty represents the basis of academic integrity. Therefore, students are expected to work on their academic tasks without any forms of fraud or unauthorized collaboration. It is mainly the VSM faculty staff who bears the responsibility for exercising scholastic honesty rules and helps students by creating a supportive academic environment, at the same time. In such an environment, each student is considered to be a responsible individual acting in accordance with fairness and honesty.


All documentation related to scholastic honesty, including the APA style guide, is available through the page Policies and procedures.


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