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Annual state award ceremony

On January 6, 2020 prof. Edita Hekelova, PhD., Rector of VSM, along with other Slovakia academic dignitaries, members of the Government, members of the Parliament, diplomats and other guests took part at the annual state award ceremony celebrating the 27th anniversary of foundation of the Slovak Republic. The ceremony was held at the historical building of the Slovak Parliament and was hosted by H.E. Zuzana Caputova, the President of Slovakia. As President Caputova mentioned in her New Year`s Address: "We often hear that as a small country we cannot achieve much. But the power of invention, and innovation through which we can contribute to the global development is not measured by the country`s population. But it is for sure measured by smart investment into education, research and science." Therefore, during her private informal discussion with rector Hekelova, topics such as modernization of higher education, research and educational innovation were among the ones mostly discussed.


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