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ERASMUS Mobility Programme

Have you ever wished to live and study abroad? Have you ever wanted to get to know a different culture, study at a foreign university, meet new friends, learn another language, all at the same time? Then ERASMUS may be what you are looking for! The ERASMUS programme offers the possibility of studying abroad in another European country for a period of between 3 and 12 months.

You may receive a study grant! And you won't have to pay university fees abroad! In addition, your studies abroad will be recognised at your home university. All your rights, as well as your obligations, as an ERASMUS student are written down in the ERASMUS Student Charter which is given to you before leaving for your study period abroad.

An important part of your ERASMUS study period is the Learning Agreement. It sets out the programme of studies which you will follow abroad as well as the confirmation of academic achievement protocol and must be agreed in writing between your home university, your host university and yourself. Any changes to that Agreement should be agreed in writing by all three parties. If you comply with the requirements of the Learning Agreement then recognition of your study period abroad by your home university is assured.


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