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Field trip to VUB bank and Kempinski Hotel

Vysoká škola manažmentu / CityUniversity of Seattle students participated on a field trip to VUB bank and Kempinski Hotel on Friday, May 25, 2012. The trip was organized by Natália Poliaková from the Amcham and the tour was provided by Ms. Jana Palenčárová and Mr. Peter Magala (VUB) and Mr. Michal Bursik and Mr. Gerald Haberhauer (Kempinski Hotel). The students received materials about the companies beforehand and came prepared for the discussions. The hosts prepared presentations for the students about their companies, and were willing to answer any questions. Students were able to get a better view on how everything in these successful companies works and how they can succeed in the business world. They also received a great hospitality in both places. Students were very satisfied and enjoyed the whole field trip which they found really interesting and exciting.  


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