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Management Challenges in the 21st Century: 2016

Research focus in the year 2016:

“Digitalization of Society, Economy and Market: Current Issues and Challenges“

The conference objective:

The conference aims to reflect on the current phenomenon of digitalization and the increasing impact of ICT on various aspects of society and economy. The theme of the conference builds on one of the cornerstone initiatives of the European Union adopted under the Europe 2020 program entitled 'Digital Agenda for Europe’.


1. Digitalization and Innovation in the Financial Sector

-    Digitalization and innovation of banking products and services: forms, importance, potential risks
-    Digitalization in securities trading
-    Ethical aspects of  digitalization in the financial sector

2. Digital Marketing and Social Media
-    New marketing opportunities in digital environment
-    Digital marketing and focused segmentation
-    Consumer behavior in digital environment
-    Social and psychological threats in digital environment
-    Social media in consumer communication
3. Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Age of Digitalization
-    New approaches to the management of organizations in the digital environment
-    The tools and techniques for process innovation in the digital environment
-    Project management with the focus on the digital environment

4. E-learning and Digital Education
-    Online education as a tool of development of professionals
-    Knowledge management business applications
-    Collaborative education via Internet

5. Creativity and Digitalization in the Arts, Sport and Leisure
-    Digital technology and new possibilities of creativity
-    Creative industry, digitalization and interactivity
-    Digital arts and their audiences
-    Digitalization and the use of information technology in management of collective sports
-    Digital technology in tourism and other leisure activities
-    Social media in the arts, sport and leisure

Conference date and venue:

April 12, 2016
Vysoká škola manažmentu
Panónska cesta 17, 851 04 Bratislava
1st floor, room No. 113

Information for conference participants:

1. Conference languages: English, Slovak, Czech.
2. Authors‘ contributions will be published in an edited collection of conference proceedings in the CD format.
3. Maximum length of an abstract is 20 lines; maximum length of an article is 20 pages, in A4 format.
4. Deadline for electronic submission of an abstract: December 20, 2015.
5. Deadline for electronic submission of an article: February 20, 2016.
6. Conference registration is possible till February 20, 2016.
7. Contact for submission of an abstract and article:
8. Conference fee is 75,00 EUR.
9. Conference fee is due on February 20, 2016
10. A detailed program of the conference will be e-mailed to all registered participants.

More information on the scientific and organizing committees and on payment is available here.


Contact data:

Vysoká škola manažmentu
Mgr. Lucia Baginová
Bezručova 64, 911 01 Trenčín
Tel.: +421 32 65 81 293, +421 904 985 315




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