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 Barça Innovation Hub - Universitas online programs reach Slovakia via Vysoka skola manazmentu / CityU of Seattle Programs

Vysoka skola manazmentu / City University of Seattle Programs has joined the Barça Universitas global network for the dissemination of online training programs in Slovakia. FC Barcelona has become a sports club and a social entity with worldwide relevance and global reach, a powerful, recognized brand. With the aim of expanding the club's values and experience, Barça Innovation Hub has been created as a global center for knowledge, research, training, and sports innovation.

Barça Innovation Hub - Universitas is Barça Innovation Hub's digital platform for the transmission of knowledge, and allows knowledge to be valued and shared with the world through training programs. The subjects explored are related to five specific areas of knowledge: sports medicine, performance, technology, team sports, and social sciences.

The entire learning process is imbued with a profound conception of technology, content, support, and personalization, to create transformative learning experiences with lasting impact. Currently there are nineteen active programs divided into two main areas: Sport Management/Marketing and Sport Science. Each program focuses on current and innovative topics, with a specific objective: to contribute to improving the professionalization of the sports industry. These programs are:



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