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Johan Winbladh Represents VSM/CityU at the fin.techsummit

Johan Winbladh, VSM/CityU senior faculty member represented our school on the panel discussion at the Fintech Summit in Bratislava on September 25, 2019. The third annual fin.techsummit created an opportunity for open discussions about the future of financial services that are heavily impacted by new technologies and digitalisation. The topics of the panel discussion were dedicated to the following areas:

  • What are the similarities and differences between traditional ways of investing and new technologies?
  • do people prefer to speak to a real advisor, or are they willing to trust an ‘app’, when investing their money?
  • How can compliance requirements be fulfilled – are we sharing the right information and are we transparent enough?
  • Are there any obstacles?
  • Do banks perceive new market players as competitors, or co-operators
  • How will cryptocurrencies and blockchain-technology change the way we invest

"I really enjoyed being on the panel discussion at the Fintech Summit 2019 in Bratislava today. Great discussion covering AI, algorithms, learning algorithms, and blockchains. I wish to thank Vladimir Vano, for leading the discussion. His performance was fantastic. Also a big thank you, to the other panel members. Maxim Lyadvinsky interesting insights in micro-investments, Robby Schwertner, I really appreciated your vision of blockchains serving humanity, and Walter Mussil sharing his knowledge of big data and how to crunch big data."

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