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Workshopy VŠM - International Workshop on Knowledge Management

International workshop on Knowledge Management (IWKM) is a scientific event organized by Vysoká škola manažmentu annually, usually in autumn, in Bratislava, Slovakia. It is a discussion forum welcoming both experts and novices in Knowledge Management. The workshop`s format offers not only the presentations of original research outcomes, but also gives much more room for opinion exchanges than many regular conferences do.

History of IWKM started in 2006. During the first two years, it was a Slovak national event.  IWKM has been an international event since the year 2008 and welcomed regular participants. The knowledge management community started to be larger and more active, thanks to IWKM.

Due to a limited number of its participants, it did not require division into parallel sections. All the participants got acquainted with each other during the two-day series of presentations and learned about a variety of Knowledge Management applications in business, industry and education.


- 2020 Perspectives in Measurement, Modeling and Interpretation (publication)
· 2019 November 7 - 8 14th IWKM [proceedings]
· 2018 October 18 - 19 13th IWKM [proceedings]
· 2017 October 12 - 13 12th IWKM [proceedings]
· 2016 October 20 - 21 11th IWKM [proceedings]
· 2015 October 13 10th IWKM [proceedings]
· 2014 October 17 - 18 9th IWKM [proceedings]
· 2013 October 18 - 19 8th IWKM [proceedings]
· 2012 October 19 - 20 7th IWKM [proceedings]
· 2011 October 21 - 22 6th IWKM [proceedings]
· 2010 June 25 5th IWKM [proceedings]
· 2009 June 26 4th IWKM [proceedings]
· 2008 June 26 Workshop Knowledge Management 2008 [proceedings]
· 2007 June 11 - 12 Workshop Knowledge Management 2007 [proceedings]                                                                                                                                         

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