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City University Students in the “Capsim`s Global Top 10 List”

The Capstone Business Simulation — the best selling business simulation for college and executive education in the world — and the simpler Foundation Business Simulation, teach strategy & tactics, accounting, marketing, finance, HR, teamwork, leadership and more in schools, universities and corporations across the globe (according to the Capsim.com). Today, the program has been used by over 200,000 participants. There are currently over 500 colleges, universities and elite corporations engaged in CAPSIM, including “ivy league” universities, such as Harvard Business School, or Stanford University. City University of Seattle adopted Capsim and integrated it into its BSBA and MBA curriculum as of fall 2009/2010 academic year.

We are proud to announce that under the guidance of our CityU Slovakia MBA instructor Johan Winbladh, his teams of students have made it to the global “Top 10 List”, which is a list of student teams having results among the top 10% teams in the world using Capsim Foundation. There are over 1500 teams in the world fighting to get on the list.

Summary of Results:

In-class: One team made it to the “Top Ten List” all 8 rounds and in the recap round. The students are: Barbora Kunkelova and Katarina Vlkova.

On-line: Three teams made it to the “Top Ten List”. Two of them consistently made it to the list and all three are on the list when all rounds are summarized. The students are: Michal Foltan, Matej Cani and Maria Lozinska.

“We are proud of the results - out of 22 active students 5 are among the top 10% in the world playing Capsim Foundation. Congratulations!”

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