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7th International Workshop on Knowledge Management

For the seventh time, the VŠM School of Management, Trenčín, Slovakia, organizes its annual International Workshop on Knowledge Management (7th IWKM). The IWKM meetings are devoted to mutual exchange of actual research results and professional opinions as well as to productive informal discussions on the broadly comprehended field of knowledge management and a large spectrum of related topics in economy, technology, social and cultural studies, etc.

It will be our honour to meet you as a participant of the 7th IWKM organized this year on October 19-20, 2012 in the VŠM building in Bratislava.

We are going to publish a CD Proceedings (with ISBN) of 7th IWKM. Because of that we will ask you gently for the full texts of your contribution. The deadline for sending the full paper is October 1, 2012. Soon after receiving your abstract we will send to you the detailed instructions for the authors.

The authors can find the IWKM contribution template here. The submission deadline is 10 October 2012. The papers will be reviewed and published in an electronic format.

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