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MBA STUDENTS BEGIN SUCCESSFUL STARTUPCityU MBA graduates Jozef Zemla and Viktor Reviliak from Bratislava, Slovakia, have transformed their enthusiasm for gadgets into a successful startup called Culcharge.

Crowdfunding helped Culcharge get off the ground and now Culcharge is the smallest USB charging cable for iPhone and Android that allows users to charge their device on the go.

The USB cable provides an all in one device that is compatible with all the leading smartphone brands on the market and ensures optimum flexibility for users.

The Culcharge team was named the winner of the 2013 Slovakian Startup Awards (Design Category) and has now set its sights on international expansion. This success is all the sweeter after a number of earlier failed projects which could have dampened their entrepreneurial spirit. These initial setbacks only strengthened their resolve. According to Jozef, while they failed a few times, they learned a lot each time. Were it not for their hard work, open-mindedness and ability to adapt, Culcharge would not be achieving the success that it is today.

Follow the Culcharge team and find out more about their products on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Learn more about CityU’s MBA program, here.

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